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Are you looking for a qualified translator? Then I’m happy to help you out with translations from Dutch into English or English into Dutch. Of course I translate general texts. In addition I’ve specialised in:

I often hear people ask why they’d hire a professional translator. Sometimes you need a translation for an official purpose for which you have to hire a sworn translator, but often, you simply need a text in another language.

Translation requires more than just speaking two languages. It requires much more language awareness and control than daily usage. You need detailed knowledge of the similarities and differences between the two languages and the cultures in which they are used. A good translator doesn’t simply convert language A into language B, but recreates the text in the target language. Consequently, not everyone who’s good at languages is automatically a good translator.

It very much depends on the text and its purpose whether you need a translator, or whether your bilingual neighbour/friend/Google Translate will do. You probably don’t really need a translator if your text is not very important or is only intended for a few people. However, when texts matter you really need someone who knows what they are doing. After all, your text is your calling card, your way of leaving a good impression.

As a freelance translator, I can offer you the language skills needed for a great audience-oriented translation. And as a freelance translator I can provide you with a tailored approach and the personal attention your text deserves.


It is difficult to give a standard rate for translation: many factors affect the time needed for translation, such as the length and nature of the text you’d like to have translated, and the time available. Translators usually calculate the total price using the amount of words in the text. A rate per word is roughly based on the average time needed per word (some words take a lot of time to look up, others require hardly any thought). This gives a good indication of the ‘value’ of a text.

Depending on the text type, my rates range from € 0.15* per word for straightforward, general texts to € 0.22* for more complicated assignments or specialised translations. I would be pleased to see how I can help you, so feel free to contact me for more information or a quote.

* Including 21 % (Dutch) VAT. The minimum rate is € 54,45 for texts below 300 words.