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Do you live in the Netherlands and find it difficult to keep up with your colleagues or fellow students in English? Are you doing a Master’s or PhD in English and are you unhappy about your academic skills? Or are you pretty good at English, but does your accent make you cringe? Then the time may have come for language training.

In a world where borders are fading, English plays an important role as the lingua franca. This language has become a connector of many nationalities, not only in business communication, but also in education and science. Those who are not hampered by their control of English have a head start in such a global environment.

As a non-native speaker of English I once had to learn English myself. That is why I understand what makes this language difficult and what pitfalls learners need to be aware of. I teach private classes or, if desired, I also develop tailor-made trainings for smaller and larger groups.

Options include:

Get in touch and I’ll be happy to send you a customised proposal.


My hourly rate for private classes is € 48.40 (including 21% VAT). Do you know someone who’d also like to improve their English? Then contact me for my special rates for pairs or trios.

I work in the Rotterdam area. For lessons on location I charge travel expenses.