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If you don’t want to take an entire English course, but you would like to know where you stand, it might be an idea to get feedback from a language professional. Rather than just editing your text, I will give detailed feedback. This way you kill two birds with one stone: you’ve got a corrected text and you learn something at the same time.

Because you want to get better at writing! As an experienced language teacher and editor I can let you know how you’re doing in terms of language and I can give you tips on how to improve, in terms of both language and style.

Feedback is highly recommended for academics and other people for whom writing in English is part of their job.

What do you get?

Do you want to get better at writing in English? Then contact me for more information or a quote.


For a text of about 300 words I charge € 60 (including 21% Dutch VAT). For longer texts I recommend a combination of feedback and editing.